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DatoCMS is here to help you create projects that truly feel yours

Designed by an agency with your needs in mind

DatoCMS started in 2015 as an internal tool of our agency and since then it has grown under our loving care to make our customers happy... and their customers too.

We understand the needs of your clients and partners because they are just like ours. We know what worries you because we too choke up the night before that deploy.

We don’t follow trends and we keep our things simple; we design every feature from the practical, real-world needs we see every day in our job.

“This is precisely what I want: a CMS that's been built by an agency because they know what my clients need.”

Marc Ammann, Matter Supply Co.

Slowly but steadily

You can call us a bootstrap company, big enough to serve customers all over the world, small enough for a Friday evening spritz together.

We’re healthy, happy and — excuse our language — profitable.

We don’t want venture capital funding. We don’t have an outbound sales team. We like dogs more than unicorns, sharing than disrupting and we’re here to stay. We owe only our best efforts to you and ourselves.

We've put down our roots and we want them to grow. Slowly but steadily.

“It's astounding that you're able to listen to everybody's feedback, not just ours, and act on it while still being such a small, bootstrapped company.”

Jeff Escalante, HashiCorp
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At DatoCMS we believe in beauty, harmony and sustainable growth. We love sharing knowledge, developing skills, and giving our team room to pursue personal projects.

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