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With Hugo, you can build an amazing static website, with thousands of pages, in a matter of minutes. Give your visitors the same amazing speed for content as well by using our Hugo optimized CMS.

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Hugo CMS example

The easiest Hugo integration with a CMS you can get

Being written in Go, Hugo doesn't offer a native way to extend its features with plugins. To overcome this limitation, Dato CMS offers a Javascript-based CLI tool that makes it extremely convenient to transform the content stored in your DatoCMS project into Hugo posts and content types:

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Inside your Hugo project run:
npm install datocms-client
// dato.config.js
module.exports = (dato, root, i18n) => {
// inside a "content/post" directory..."content/post", (dir) => {
// ...iterate over the "Blog post" records saved in CMS...
dato.blogPosts.forEach((blogPost) => {
// ...and create a Hugo markdown file for each article!
dir.createPost(`${blogPost.slug}.md`, "yaml", {
frontmatter: {
title: blogPost.title,
type: "post",
categories: => cat.slug),
date: blogPost.publishedAt,
content: blogPost.content

Endless image transformations at your disposal

DatoCMS offers best-in-class image processing and image CDN. Optimize, resize, crop, rotate and watermark images on-the-fly simply adding custom parameters to the URL of your image. Serve lazy loaded, responsive images in one line of code.

Read more about DatoCMS Image API
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Easily build dynamic landing pages with modular blocks

Give your editors the power of building custom landing pages through the CMS with no code intervention. Define reusable custom blocks of content, map them to Hugo template partials and you're good to go.

Read more about DatoCMS modular blocks

I do heart Dato, my first choice CMS, always advocate my clients treat CMS flexibility seriously.
Callum Flack
Owner at Callum Flack Design
Hugo + DatoCMS demo
pages/homepage.js - Visual Studio Code
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