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Using the plugin generator

There is no need to start from scratch building a plugin, the Yeoman generator will generate all the boilerplate code you need based on your configuration.

Run the generator

To generate a new plugin, create the folder that will contain the skeleton of our plugin and, once inside the folder, run:

npx -p yo -p generator-datocms-plugin -c 'yo datocms-plugin'

The generator will prompt the following configuration questions:

  • Please insert the NPM package name for this new plugin (it must start with datocms-plugin-)
  • Please insert a human name for this plugin
  • Please insert a small description
  • What kind of plugin is it? - Choose between three options, field editor, field add-on, sidebar widget.
  • Which kind of fields is this plugin compatible with? - The available field types are: JSON, text, boolean, float, integer, string, multiple links, single link, date, date-time, video, color, SEO, geolocation.
  • Please insert any configuration parameters this plugin requires - The generator will open your default editor for you to edit the configuration parameters.
  • Please select the preferred template - Options are Vanilla Javascript and React.

Watch the example video to see the generator running.

Read the tutorial on how to build a custom plugin using the generator.

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