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Accessing records

Here's the different methods you can use inside your dato.config.rb file to retrieve records stored in your administrative area.

Find a record by ID

If you already know the ID of the record you need to access, just use the dato.find method:

# returns the record with ID 3411

Find all the records of a specific model

Suppose you have a Blog post model in your administrative area, and you want retrieve the complete collection of its records. First thing first, you need to know its Model ID:

foo foo

In this case, the ID is blog_post, so you can retrieve its records pluralizing the Model ID, and using it as a method on the dato object:

# iterate over the Array of records of the `blog_post` model

dato.blog_posts.each do |record|
  # ...

If you need to access the record associated to a single-instance model, you don't need to pluralize the Model ID:

# returns the record for the `about_page` single-instance model
# (or nil, if it hasn't been created yet)

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