Real-time updates

Real-time edits, on your production website

Say goodbye to dedicated preview servers. A couple of lines of code on your frontend website are sufficient to completely change the way you work and interact with your content.

Preview changes as they get authored, no refresh needed

Instead of the API consumer only getting the new data upon their next query, with DatoCMS's Real-time Updates API, new data is instantly pushed to them.
For our clients, being able to instantly view the result of their changes on the final site is simply critical. The fact that you don't need a staging server, and you don't even have to refresh the page, well, that's the icing on the cake that makes everything wow.
Martijn Theuwissen
Lead frontend developer @ Atoms
Live blog
Connected to DatoCMS, receiving live updates!

Need to cover live events as they happen?

The same Real-time Updates API used to preview draft content can also be applied to offer real-time updates to your website's final visitors. Our infrastructure can easily handle thousands of live users with multiple updates per minute.

Try the Live-blog demo for Next.js

GraphQL and Server-Sent Events, to deliver the best developer ergonomic

The Real-time Updates API uses Server-Sent Events, which is a protocol supported natively from all modern browsers, to transform your regular GraphQL into streaming subscriptions. Using our our libraries for React and Vue you can get started in literally seconds.

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