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Nano ID

DatoCMS plugin that adds a hidden stable nanoid field

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Nano ID DatoCMS Plugin

Created by November Five

Plugin that adds nanoid's to any field automatically. This allows to have unique references to a model across migrations. The editor doesn't have to do anything as the uuid field is hidden and automatically filled in with a random nanoid using the nanoid.


After installing the plugin, you'll need to configure the plugin settings:

Configuration screenshot

You can specify the api_key of the field that will be automatically converted to a hidden "nanoid" field. A good name is nanoid, then add a single line string field to a model and call it nanoid.

The hide field option by default is turned on, if you turn it off the field is displayed and you can regenerate the id.



If you want to develop on this extension, the quickest way is to run yarn start and manually install it by going to Settings > Plugins, clicking the add button, and clicking "create a private one" in the lower right. Give it:

  • A name of your choosing
  • An entry point URL of http://localhost:3000
Nano ID
DatoCMS plugin that adds a hidden stable nanoid field
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