Preview Link

Generate a preview link in the sidebar


Preview Link DatoCMS plugin

Generate a preview link in the sidebar


For each content type you provide a preview link base URL. Currently we will replace the phrase :id with the id of the item. We can add other string replacement in the future.


Install all the project dependencies with:

yarn install

Add this plugin in development mode to one of your DatoCMS project with:

yarn addToProject

Start the local development server with:

yarn start

The plugin will be served from Insert this URL as the plugin Entry point URL.

We had issues with localtunnel loading all of the content, so we're not using that...sorry?

NPM package namedatocms-plugin-preview-link

Published byAuthor gravatarmicaht_allergan

Plugin typeSidebar widget

Compatible with fieldsJSON

Tags#sidebar, #json-field, #preview

First releasedJanuary 1st, 2019

Current version0.2.1

Last update4 months ago

Installed on46 projects