Unbreakable websites
With DatoCMS, your website looks great, but underneath is a series of plain web pages: no programming language, no bugs, nothing that can break.
No security updates
Keeping the software updated is vital, but what a pain... and responsibility! DatoCMS is a completely hosted solution, so you don't have to think about any maintenance.
Infinitely scalable
Unlike Wordpress sites, static websites can be completely hosted by a CDN: you can serve thousands of simultaneous users, without blinking an eye.
Simple to code
Static website generators are extremely easy to work with: there's no database and you don't have to think about performance. Even a junior developer can be proficient in a couple of hours.
Instant loading times
Database queries are one of the most common causes of a slow website. With static websites, there's no database: just bunch of HTML static files. Is the fastest solution available.
Zero infrastructure
With DatoCMS you don't need to manage a single server. You just link together external services with the guarantee that everything will always work.