Real-time Updates API > Overview


    The Real-time Updates API allows clients to listen for content changes using a stable connection that streams events as they occur. It supports the exact same GraphQL queries available in the Content Delivery API, but returns a streaming channel implementing the Server-Sent Events protocol, which is natively supported by modern browsers.

    Use cases

    Live updates can be extremely useful for content editors to preview draft content on the real website as it gets authored, without needing a page refresh or additional staging servers:

    Live updates can also be pushed to regular visitors, so that thay can immediately see new content as it gets published by editors, allowing all kinds of real-time interactions with your website/app.

    Imagine a real-time updated event coverage liveblog, for example:

    Examples and API reference

    We recommend using our client libraries to listen for updates, as they will set-up the streaming channel for you.

    If you need to implement the streaming logic on other environments than the browser, then read the low-level reference of the underlying endpoints.