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Are you losing money because of legacy content infrastructure?
Here’s 3 symptoms to watch out
Is content spread across endless different CMSs?

How can you deliver a cohesive brand and message strategy if your company functions in silos and information is manually copy-pasted across tens of different platforms?

Out-of-sync content
Redundant expenses
Internal inefficiencies
Are you slowed down by legacy technology?

Your customers demand blazing-fast digital products, web standards are evolving at the speed of light, yet you rely on 15-years-old solutions like Wordpress that force you to deliver heavy, low-quality user experiences.

Slow development times
Rigid structures and models
Poor performance in websites and apps
Is your infrastructure ready for scale?

New channels, new markets, complex use cases, fast iterations. You can no longer afford to think locally. You need to have a reliable solution that is capable of following your growth, globally, and lets you adapt along the journey.

Complex data migrations
Slow access times
Missing integrations to new technology
How much is this already costing you?
of customer loss
According to Gartner 89 percent of companies plan to compete primarily on the basis of CX this year.
of buyers pay more
Harris found 86% of consumers stop interacting​/​buying from businesses if they have a bad experience.
in profitability
Oracle reported that multichannel integration has the ability to increase profitability by 25 percent.
Here's how an Headless CMS can help your company
Frontend dev
Store manager
Manage all your content in one place

Headless CMS means keeping everyone on the same page, storing everything in a single centralized hub, making an edit and publish it instantly, everywhere.

Access every bit of copy, anytime
Your content becomes future-proof
Deliver real omnichannel experiences
From idea to market in hours, not months

Test and iterate painlessly, no matter what’s the digital product you’re working on, without reaching out to your IT for complex migrations.

Flexible content model
Fast iterations, instant prototyping
Repeatable architecture for all your projects
A global delivery network at your service

With a network that spans 200 cities in more than 90 countries, you can be sure your content is always accessible, performant, secure, and close to every customer.

Reduced architectural complexities
Scalability is built-in
Integrations ready with any digital product
A technology investment for your whole company
Empower every member of your team
An end-to-end solution for businesses who create and distribute content to websites and other digital experiences at scale.