Headless CMS GraphQL

GraphQL means superior developer experience

GraphQL, in combination with a powerful headless CMS, provides faster responses, a complete and understandable description of your API, and enables great developer tools.

The headless cms graphql revolution

Ask for what you need, get exactly that

Apps using GraphQL combined with a headless CMS are fast and stable because it is not the server which controls the data they get, they are.

Contrary to the REST API dogma, a GraphQL query to your API gets exactly what you ask for, nothing more and nothing less, that is why GraphQL queries always return predictable results. Read more about the advantages of the GraphQL API on their official website

DatoCMS's GraphQL API is just incredibly well-thought. Everything you might need is readily available. Blur-up images, dominant colors, video streaming... makes working for the web a joy again!
Ryan Harris
CTO @ Formidable

Move faster with powerful developer tools

Know exactly what data you can request from your API without leaving your editor, highlight potential issues before sending a query, and take advantage of improved code intelligence. GraphQL makes it easy to build powerful tools like GraphiQL by leveraging your APIโ€™s type system.

Get many resources in a single request

GraphQL queries access not just the properties of one resource but also smoothly follow references between them. While typical REST APIs require loading from multiple URLs, GraphQL APIs get all the data your app needs in a single request. Apps using GraphQL can be quick even on slow mobile network connections.

#1 Headless CMS GraphQL

GraphQL + DatoCMS = ๐Ÿš€

DatoCMS was envisioned with GraphQL in mind. We integrated a useful GraphQL API explorer directly in the editor backend, to make it even more natural to use it and experiment with it!

Headless CMS GraphQL + Worldwide CDN

A complete set of smart, modern APIs

DatoCMS does not only offer a powerful GraphQL API but a full, coordinated suite of different APIs and tools to work seamlessly with the three fundamental blocks of content: text, images and video. Everything is built on CDN, optimized for speed and scalability.