Agency partner program

Agencies, we've got a special deal for you.

Here's a letter from us, to you!

Sorry for the length, but we think it might be worth it to know each other better 🙏


we don't know each other personally — yet! — but having run web agencies for +10 years before starting DatoCMS... we feel like we kinda know you, at least a bit.

We know (painfully well) how time constrained you are.

How hard it is to find time for anything else than keeping your clients happy.

How many projects you're simultaneously working on right now (that's simple, far too many).

How much every work is different in size and scope, no matter how much you might try to standardize things...

What you need from a CMS

We can easily guess what your expectations might be for a CMS, too. It was such a critical part of our work as an agency, that we built DatoCMS around ours:

  • You need something you can fully trust. I mean, 100% trust. Something that you know it will NEVER add another layer of complexity to your already frantic everyday-work.
  • You need something flexible, that can adapt to any current (and future) scenario. Big projects, small projects, micro projects, huge projects. If it cannot fit EVERY case, it means you need to learn and train your people to work on multiple CMSs, which is simply stupid.
  • You need something that will last over time, or in two years from now, when one of your past clients will come out of the blue asking for some new section, you'll be in big trouble.
  • You need something cheap, because the least thing you want is having to convince your client about another cost — moreover, one you don't get anything out of!

We want a long-lasting relationship with you

We'll be frank here. Agencies are our best customers, period.

  • They produce a huge number of quality sites each year;
  • They act as ambassadors of our product;
  • They're the ones who most frequently contribute to our ecosystem;
  • Once they learn to use DatoCMS, the support required is minimal;

Seriously, what more could we ask for? For all these reasons, we're looking for a long-lasting, ongoing relationship with you, and we're more than happy to come towards you, in any way we can.

We're not interested in milking you. Our goal here is to offer you an absolutely no-brainer price so that you can start adopting DatoCMS as your default CMS, starting from the very next work in your pipeline.

Let's take an example. If you normally work on many small projects, each requiring very few resources, and you enjoy working with DatoCMS... why should we not give you the chance to use us for as low as ie. €10/month per project?

We might not become rich from those tiny works, but maybe somewhere along the line you'll have larger projects on you're plate. And if you're already using us for everything else, you'll probably be happy to suggest a larger plan for that specific project and client, right?

In short, it's a win-win for everyone.

Let's have a 15 minute call!

We're 100% positive that any pre-cooked plan/formula we can offer in this page you will not be able to fully satisfy you. You're too special, like every other agency.

We need to know each other. Let's have a 15 minute call.

Tell us your needs, how you work, what you're looking for. Together, we'll come up with a super-convenient, custom-tailored price around your specific needs, capable of scaling with the number of projects, with no up-front investment for you.

Challenge us. Ask us to put you in touch with some other Agency Partners, listen to their experience with us. Ask us to book some time with our core engineers, to clear your doubts and help you get the most out of DatoCMS.

We're here for the long run, and we can't wait to meet you!

Stefano, and all the DatoCMS team

Introducing our Agency Partner program

Benefits and perks, in short:
Custom volume pricing
Get a custom plan, tailored upon your needs, capable of scaling with the number of projects, with no up-front investment for you.
On-call training time with our engineers
Book up to 2 hours per month with our core engineers, to clear your doubts and help you get the most out of DatoCMS.
DatoCMS Partner badge
The DatoCMS Partners badge shows that you have the latest expertise while helping you stand out to clients and the industry.
Public listing on our website's Partners page
Get immediate visibility by showing up in our Partners catalogue. Showcase your best DatoCMS projects and plugins to make your profile stand out.
Cross-marketing opportunities
Expand your reach, and your business by unlocking co-marketing and co-selling opportunities with DatoCMS.

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