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Deprecating the "exists" filter for string, text, and Structured Text fields
March 1st, 2023
March Update: Springing Forward with Better Organization!

Discover our latest features: Organizations for clients and agencies, enhancing collaboration and simplifying project management. Unlock potential with our new Partner Program and enjoy a streamlined experience.

Introducing DatoCMS's improved Agency Partner Program

We're excited to announce the launch of our new Agency Partner Program, building on the success of the last year. From special plans and discounts to automatic access to clients' projects and co-marketing opportunities, our new program is designed to help agencies grow their businesses and achieve greater success in the field of web development.

Introducing Organizations for easier collaboration

Today we're launching Organizations: a powerful new feature that makes it easier and more secure to share ownership of projects with other team members.

How DatoCMS Supports Next.js Conf

In this article, you will find out what Next.js Conf is and why the Vercel team decided to rely on DatoCMS to build the conference website. 

How Next.js Preview Mode Works: An In-depth Guide

A tutorial to learn how to implement Preview Mode in Next.js and how it works, through a code walkthrough based on a real example. 

"How can you be eight people?"

Building large, complex organizations is a choice, not an obligation. An honest answer to one of the most frequent question we get from our customers.

How To Add Algolia InstantSearch to Your Next.js App

In this article, you will learn how to integrate Algolia InstantSearch into your Next.js application.

October update: bigger team, confs, free tickets… and we need your help!

So much to tell you! We’re working hard on so many things (like performance improvements, new GraphQL API and migrations features etc). In this update we want to focus on other more pressing topics.

How To Build a Blog With Nuxt and a Headless CMS

Follow this tutorial and learn how to build a blog using Nuxt and a headless CMS for content management! 

Introducing more affordable video streaming and encoding options

We are thrilled to announce that we have made video streaming and encoding more affordable than ever before!

Partnering for success: the outcomes of DatoCMS's Partner Program

DatoCMS's Partner Program launched as an experiment but quickly grew beyond expectations. Today, we have over 80 partners including world-class names & skilled freelancers. We work closely with our partners to gather feedback, provide dedicated support, training & co-marketing efforts to help them succeed in their projects.

December update: a year in review and a peek at what's to come in ‘23

It's been a fantastic year from a business standpoint, and we're proud of everything we've accomplished and even more excited for what's in store for the year ahead. And just in time for the holidays, we've released some special gifts for you in the past month. Keep an eye out for Santa's delivery!

A look back at 2022

Yet another year has flown by. As 2022 comes to an end, it's time to continue our tradition and look back at all that we have achieved this year.

November update: auto-migrations, improved integrations, and much more!

November update: auto-migrations, improved integrations, and much more!

Massive DX improvement: introducing Autogeneration of Migration Scripts

Our CLI just became a lot smarter, and can now automatically generate a migration script from the differences between two environments!

How To Generate TypeScript Types From GraphQL

Learn why adopting GraphQL types is so important, how to use graphql-codegen to generate TypeScript types from your .graphql files, why nullable fields may represent a problem, and how you can tackle this. 

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