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Automatic Image Optimization + Block serving raw videos
March 4th, 2024
Introducing the new DatoCMS eCommerce Starter

We’ve just released a new eCommerce starter, which we believe is one of the best ways to get familiar with everything DatoCMS.

Expanding Modular Content with Single Block and Frameless Mode

Discover the new variation of our popular Modular Content, designed to ease the content modeling process, including defining and syncing sets of fields across models.

December Update: 2023 Retrospective and updates

As we expanded our team and achieved a 31.8% business increase, we're thrilled to kick off 2024 with new, exciting features. This month, discover our latest integrations, the 'Project of the Month,' and welcome our new agency partners.

A look back at 2023

Get ready for a thrilling journey! Join us as we reminisce about the past year and catch a glimpse of the promising future. Hang on tight, it's gonna be a wild ride from impressive revenue growth to groundbreaking product features.

What DatoCMS Sidebar Plugins Bring To the Table

Let's learn what the DatoCMS custom sidebar hook is and what the sidebar plugins add to the content management experience offered by DatoCMS.

Sailing Towards Clarity: Introducing DatoCMS' Revamped Navigation System

After weeks of diligent research and extensive restructuring of our information architecture, we are thrilled to unveil a refreshed navigation system designed to elevate your user experience.

September Update: what comes out of the top hat?

Our new Product Marketer, Alessio, is diving into customer feedback to improve DatoCMS. We're introducing Deep Filtering in our API, revamping the navigation UI, and launching an extensive Starter Project with Next.JS+Tailwind. Your input shapes our future—thank you!

Cybernews interviews DatoCMS: inspiration, differentiation, and the future of CMSs

Cybernews, an online magazine renowned for its focus on technology and security, recently sat down with Matteo Papadopoulos from DatoCMS. The insightful interview delved into the emerging world of headless CMS, a cutting-edge approach that's reshaping the digital landscape.

Top 5 JavaScript GraphQL Client Libraries

Let's see which are the best GraphQL JavaScript client libraries and what best suits your needs in this comprehensive comparison article.

The Schema interface gets a makeover

We are rolling out exciting updates to the Schema tab to make your content modeling journey smoother.

Advanced Data Retrieval With Deep Filtering in DatoCMS

Learn what the DatoCMS deep filtering feature is, what it brings to the table, and how to use it to filter data based on block content.

Connecting with the DatoCMS Community: Unpacking our Customer Research

Embark on a journey as we unpack the findings of our research within the DatoCMS community. Discover what users truly think about DatoCMS, and explore key themes that emerged from hundreds of responses.

October Update: Better UX/DX with revamped UI and deep filtering

Explore DatoCMS's October updates: New Starter Project, Enhanced Webhook Payloads, Redesigned Navigation, and more. Discover how we're elevating your UX/DX!

Introducing Deep Filtering, for a more flexible approach to content queries

We're thrilled to announce the public beta launch of Deep Filtering, a powerful new feature in the Content Delivery API of DatoCMS. With Deep Filtering, you can now filter records based on the content within their embedded blocks, offering more flexibility and control to your Graph.

WordPress vs DatoCMS: Which Is Better For Your Needs?

Let's dig into this WordPress vs DatoCMS comparison, analyzing the features offered by the two tools to figure out which CMS best suits your needs.

August update: a peek under our hood!

In the quiet of the summer, we're hard at work. No flashy updates, just dedicated refinement beneath the product's surface. Curious about the behind-the-scenes? Dive in. But if you seek the usual news, we'll catch up next time. Depth over dazzle, always.

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