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Adding "Force the use of sandbox environments" option to Project Settings
November 28th, 2023
What Is Composable Architecture and How To Implement It

Let’s now delve into the composable approach to creating a technology stack and learn everything you need to know about it.

Why You Need an Omnichannel CMS

Implementing an omnichannel strategy has become crucial for your business. So adopting it late or ignoring it may lead to serious consequences. Being omnichannel means having the content used by all your channels in the same place, and not all CMSs support this. This is why adopting an omnichannel CMS is so important.

Best React Frameworks to Go Jamstack

Let’s learn everything required to understand Jamstack and choose the best React-based framework to implement it 

Next.js vs Remix: Top 5 Differences

The main differences between Next.js and Remix, the two trending React frameworks.

A look back at 2021

Yet another year has flown by. As 2021 comes to an end, it's time to continue our tradition and look back at all that we have achieved this year.

Translator roles can now create new records!

Translators can now not only edit existing records, but also to create new records by themselves!

Dealing with SEO in Next.js

Let’s learn about SEO, how to address it in Next.js, and why adopting a headless CMS solution might be the best approach.

What You Should Know about the Next.js Image component

All you need to know about Next.js built-in image component, one of the best perks of Next.js > 10

Headless CMS vs Traditional CMS: Which Is the Best for You?

Let’s compare the Headless and Traditional approaches to content management to find the answer to this question based on your particular needs.

January Update: Partner Program, new presentation modes, custom styles for Structured Text, and much more!

This month we went a little long with our monthly update, but let's make up for it!

Plugins Roundup: what's possible with the new SDK

Let's celebrate our creators with a showcase of some of the plugins created since the release of the new Plugin SDK!

How To Build an Ecommerce Application in React With Snipcart

Let’s see how to develop an ecommerce website in React using Snipcart and DatoCMS.

Introducing Plugins v2: better in every possibile way

After 60 internal revisions and tens of thousands of lines of code, we're happy to release our new plugin system. Learn what's new and learn how to take advantage of it!

How to Use DatoCMS's Structured Text Field in a NextJS App

In early 2021 Dato launched a revolutionary new feature that greatly enhances the experience of editors who use the CMS to enter and manage content. In this post, we're going to walk through all you need to know as a developer to start using Structured Text in your website.

October Update - Nested blocks, Gatsby v4... and new plugin system!

Nested blocks are out at last, roles inheritance will make your life easier, new plugin system is in the works... and a lot more!

The wait is over: Nested Blocks are here!

The most requested feature in the history of DatoCMS is finally ready. You can now expand the possibilities of your content model by nesting multiple levels of blocks!