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Adding "Force the use of sandbox environments" option to Project Settings
November 28th, 2023
October update: bigger team, confs, free tickets… and we need your help!

So much to tell you! We’re working hard on so many things (like performance improvements, new GraphQL API and migrations features etc). In this update we want to focus on other more pressing topics.

September update — New pricing, better DX, trash bin plugin, product roadmap, and much more!

Welcome back from the summer everyone! New month, new update: check out the latest news in our monthly summary post.

Why You Need a Headless CMS for MACH Architecture 

MACH architecture is a new IT architecture that has rapidly become one of the hottest trends in the IT world, and can have several benefits for any company

Why a Headless eCommerce CMS is the Future of eCommerce

Let’s learn what an eCommerce CMS is, what makes an eCommerce CMS, and why a headless eCommerce CMS is the solution you are looking for. 

Get the best TypeScript DX: introducing "Strict Mode" for GraphQL CDA

We're happy to announce an addition to our GraphQL Content Delivery API offering. With Strict Mode, you can obtain more accurate and reliable TypeScript types, greatly simplifying the code to be written on the frontend side.

How To Perform A/B Testing in Next.js

Crafting a successful marketing campaign or building an engaging user experience is challenging, and finding the most effective approach takes time. After all, it is unlikely that a project will meet all its goals in the first shot. That is why A/B testing can be crucial as a marketing strategy!

April update: TypeScript, performance and new team members

New month, new update! Check out the latest news in our monthly summary post.

How To Choose the Right Enterprise CMS for Your Organization

Enterprise-level businesses aim for a top-level communication strategy, but achieving it without the right tools is challenging. And the right tool for these large entities is an enterprise CMS.

How To Generate TypeScript Types From GraphQL

Learn why adopting GraphQL types is so important, how to use graphql-codegen to generate TypeScript types from your .graphql files, why nullable fields may represent a problem, and how you can tackle this. 

Changes in pricing coming soon

Adjustments in the Professional plan coming soon, plus further simplifications.

Headless CMS vs DXP: An In-Depth Comparison

Let's find out what CMSs and DXPs are, when and why you need one or the other, and how you can use a headless CMS to implement a Digital Experience Platform.

Why Your Mobile CMS Should Be Headless

The mobile market has evolved at an incredible pace, and we have moved rapidly from a desktop-first world to a mobile-first world, let’s focus on which benefits the headless approach can bring to a mobile-first strategy.

Introducing the new DatoCMS CLI

Following our recent release of the new TypeScript API client, we're happy to also announce an improved CLI to interact with DatoCMS!

How To Build a Landing Page in Next.js

A landing page builder, allows you to create a reusable landing page template is not that difficult, and here you will learn how to build the landing page of your dreams in Next.js.

Introducing a brand new Typescript client!

Typescript has taken over the world. And rightfully so. We've long wanted to make our client experience more convenient on typescript-ready environments, and the time has finally come.

March update: new infrastructure, and lots of small improvements!

Let's take a closer look at all the improvements we shipped this month, and discover our new faster, improved infrastructure!