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Introducing the "All locales" filter option on Tabular view
May 10th, 2023
Introducing Structured Text

Today, we’re thrilled to release a new WYSIWYG field called Structured Text, which is designed to offer editors the freedom to compose dynamic rich-text using elementary blocks, made available by their developers.

A year in review

2020 is (finally) coming to an end. What better time to take a few minutes to rethink everything that has happened?

Tutorial: how to get real-time draft previews with Next.js and DatoCMS

Learn how to achieve live content authoring with Next.js websites using the newly launched DatoCMS real-time updates API and our all-encompassing toolkit!

New feature: Media Area granular permissions

Starting today, in each DatoCMS project it is possible to specify advanced permissions to precisely define who can access, create, modify or remove assets from the Media Area.

Contentful vs DatoCMS: our in-depth comparison

Learn and compare the advanced features that distinguish Contentful and DatoCMS. We'll try to be as balanced as possible: our goal is to ensure that every editor and developer gets the best possible experience working with a Headless CMS.

New feature: keep your models organized with fieldsets

From today, you can group the fields into your models into sets that make sense to you and your content editors. To better serve this goal, we also overhauled the model’s interface.

Simpler and cheaper: lowering the price of DatoCMS for agencies

Today we are thrilled to introduce a new "Scale" plan, offering 3 projects per €199/month, then €29/month for each additional project. This means reducing our previous prices by 32-70%, depending on the number of your projects.

We're also simplifying our pricing by removing a large number of limits on all of our plans, keeping only the most characteristic ones.

We hope that these changes will allow hundreds of new companies to adopt Jamstack and DatoCMS as their go-to architecture, even for their lower-budget projects.

New website and Marketplace!

After months of work, we're happy to announce a complete rework of our public-facing website! It's not (only) a graphical make-over, so here's the most notable changes.

Mobile editing interface at last!

Last week we silently shipped a long-standing request for editors: the ability to work on your content from any mobile device.

Introducing the Virtual Event Starter Kit

Today you can clone, deploy and fully customize your next event using the same kit used to run the incredible Next.js Conf 2020, using DatoCMS as your content management platform.

Introducing the GraphQL Real-Time Updates API

We have a big announcement to make: to meet users' expectations for real-time experiences, we have developed a new GraphQL API that can instantly push new data to browsers and apps as soon as they are saved into DatoCMS.

Summer retrospective and plans for fall 2020

During the summer we released a lot of updates, significantly a new pricing model and the sandbox environments. Main plans for the future are around preparing for a new API version and more roles/permissions.

New feature: control the cropping of your images with focal points

With focal points, you can now ensure that the key part of your images doesn't get cut off or misaligned across multiple image sizes and ratios, by explicitly specifying a focal point for the image.

Safer iterations with sandbox environments and migration scripts

Today, we’re happy to announce the general availability of a new, safer way to manage and maintain content structure once your content has been published. DatoCMS’s new sandbox environments and migration scripts have been built following long-established best practices, and ensure quick turnaround times and flexibility for developers — without interrupting the editorial workflow.

Retrospective - An avalanche of little things

March to May 2020, too many little things happened in Dato-land, plus one massive.

DatoCMS and Vercel (formerly ZEIT) integration is online!

We have worked closely with Vercel in the last month or so to ensure full integration with their platform, to give you frictionless user experience.