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Intro to Models in DatoCMS

2m 56s

In this video we go over the basics of Content Modeling, and how a project's foundation is based on the way it's modeled.

For an in-depth understanding of Content Modeling, we'd recommend checking out our Academy post on the topic.

Models are the basis of creating content in DatoCMS - where each model corresponds to the template of a singular content type: i.e., blog posts, landing pages, banners, etc.

Models are composed of several field types - where each field serves a specific purpose for accepting data (such as the title, slug, featured image, etc.)

Models in DatoCMS can be built using the following field types:

  • Text,

  • Modular Content (blocks, covered in the next video),

  • Media,

  • Date & Time,

  • Number,

  • Boolean,

  • Location,

  • Color,

  • SEO,

  • Links, and

  • JSON.

A good analogy to think of the relationship between models and fields in content modeling is to imagine a big pile of LEGO bricks. Each piece, or "field," can be anything you need—a text input, an image, or a date picker. You combine these together to build different structures.

For example, when you're putting together a model for a blog post, you might choose a combination of text, image, and date fields to accept titles, publishing dates, featured images, and content. It's like choosing the right LEGO pieces to build a flashy castle.

On the other hand, an author model might be similar to building a LEGO house - using text and image fields for things like the author's name, title, and avatar.

So, each time you set up a model—whether it’s for a landing page, a blog post, or anything else—you’re deciding how to fit all these different fields together to best display your content, just like picking the perfect LEGO set to build something.

DatoCMS has a further advanced content modelling capability using the unique Modular Content field - one that accepts blocks like CTAs, newsletter signups, and testimonials into your model, something we'll cover in the next video.