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Intro to Blocks in DatoCMS

3m 25s

Blocks are a concept unique to DatoCMS and are the foundation behind powerful flagship features such as Modular Content and Structured Text.

In a nutshell, blocks allow you to define complex and repeatable structures that can be embedded inside records. Think of components like a hero, CTAs, logoreels, and case study cards - they'd typically be complex structures that you'd want to either repeat across models, or embed into certain content records. Several landing pages can have variations of a logoreel, or several blog posts can have embedded newsletter signups or testimonials.

Rather than having to create the same subset of fields into those models which may or may not be used across all use-cases, blocks allow you to define those structures beforehand, and simply embed them into content records if and when you choose to!

On the content editing side, modular content also unlocks the ability to generate "drag-and-drop" experiences on the CMS, giving editors the power to build powerful templates with the familiarity and simplicity of a page builder.