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Intro to Fields in DatoCMS

1m 41s

In the video for models we'd illustrated how field types are individual LEGO bricks that come together to create models.

In the following videos we'll be covering all of Dato's field types in more detail, however, for this one we're just going to zip through what all the field types share in common.

When configuring fields, they all offer you 4 tabs:

  • The Settings, where you name your fields and control their localization and API IDs,

  • Validations, where you set restrictions or rules in place for editors to abide by (example, all records must be unique, or localizations are required),

  • Default Value, to ensure that all new content records are created with a default and/or fallback value (⚠️ be wary of using this when setting fields to unique), and

  • Presentation, where you define how this field appears to an editor on the Content Area UI

While some specifics for each tab might change based on the field type you're configuring, DatoCMS offers you certain levels of flexibility when building out your models for editors to create content with.