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Working Together - Let's Build Blocks!

11m 38s

In this video we're going to be working together in creating our first "real" blocks for the project moving forward. We've created some arbitrary models and blocks to illustrate how the schema builder works, so now let's trash those and build out some more realistic ones that we can use moving forward, keeping in mind that our project is intended to be a B2B SaaS website.

During this video, let's go ahead and build out these:

  • A logoreel: A simple way to flex our customers on our website, commonly seen on most landing pages and homepages, for which we'll use:

    • Asset Field, as a gallery, to attach logos of our customers,

    • Single-line String Field, as a tagline, to add a witty sentence giving context about those logos, and

    • Color Field, as a black and white toggle, to dictate a dark mode and a light mode to our logoree.

  • A testimonial: A barebones structure (not attributed to a person, as we'll embed those to the person model in the future) to accept quotes and videos from our customers to showcase our successes, for which we'll use:

    • Asset Field, as a video upload field with a validation to only accept mp4 files, where we can add videos, and

    • Structured Text Field, to add in well-structured and formatted quotes from our customers

  • A contact info: A comprehensive block to attach to people and places with common contact information, for which we'll use:

    • Asset Field, to upload an image of the person and/or location this address will be used with,

    • Single-line String Field, to use as a Reference, in case we want something internal to search by in the future,

    • Geolocation Field, to add a street address via the Google Maps API, which will provide us latitude-longitude coordinates as well,

    • Single-line String Field, for an email, with an email validation added,

    • Single-line String Field, for a Twitter/X URL, with an URL validation added,

    • Integer Number Field, for phone numbers, accepting only whole numbers, and

    • Structured Text Field, for a bio, allowing us to add formatted content to the description of the person or the place.