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Intro to this series

1m 32s

Welcome to the How to DatoCMS video series!

These are casual, non-technical walkthroughs of the CMS, intended as user guides, focused on the content creators, editors, and marketers.

We're going to be focusing mainly on all aspects of the UI, including the Schema Builder, Content Area, and Media Area. While we'll be very briefly brushing over some technical concepts like content modeling, image optimizations, and such in context, we'll keep the content purely non-technical to make it easy to follow along.

For the technical deets, our Docs are always a great starting point.

So sit back as Ronak and Alessio take you through building a simple B2B SaaS website project from scratch, dropping easter eggs and covering topics like:

  • Building your schema

  • Creating Landing Pages

  • Creating Blog Posts

  • Linking Content Records

  • Managing Assets

  • Managing Localizations

  • Managing SEO

  • Managing Versions & Workflows

  • ... and a lot more.

They're going to be fumbling along as we all learn together, make mistakes, and come close to building a real-world project similar to the ones you'll be working on.

If there's anything you're missing on here, something that isn't too clear, or something that sounds like complete rubbish, share some feedback and we'll make improvements!