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Intro to the Schema Builder

3m 04s

The Schema Builder is among the most important parts of the CMS for the devs, or whoever is in charge of Content Modeling for your project, so we won't be diving into too many of the details from a technical standpoint.

However, since Content Modeling is a fundamentally crucial concept to understand when moving to Headless CMS, we will be dedicating a whole chapter on this section of the CMS for you, as an editor, to gain understanding and context into how decisions made here impact your overall content creation experience.

To learn more about how a Headless CMS works and how Content Modeling sets the foundation for all the work you'll be doing in DatoCMS, check out our Academy where we cover this as well as some other core concepts.

A quick TLDR on this though, is to think of your schema as a LEGO project, with each of the fields being an individual LEGO brick. You can build what you want with any combination of bricks, and use and reuse the same bricks across multiple LEGO creations. Similarly, fields build out blocks and models in DatoCMS, which are the "templates" or "structures" of your content!