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Intro to Settings & Configurations

5m 00s

We all love a bit of control over our projects, but in many cases as editors and content creators we might not have access to all the options that DatoCMS offers.

So here's a sneak peek into the settings and configs within Dato for your projects, for you to bug your devs for any time you need something changed. If they say it can't be done, now you know it can be ๐Ÿ’

Project Settings

Global Properties are where you'd force the use of sandbox environments and set up 2FA. Dato also offers Asset CDN Settings to give you more control over how images and videos are served, what optimization options are available, and what presets you can work with across the project.

If you're working on the project with multiple people, this is where you can invite collaborators as well as define specific roles such as Admin, Editor, French Translator, Klingon Translator, Slackbot Configurator, Press Approver, and whatever else, depending on your plan.

A few other dev-specific aspects are also controlled from here, such as webhooks, build triggers, environments, and API tokens.

For the corporate ones, the compliance nerds, or just curious nerds, based on your plan, you'd also see a ton of project-specific stats (like CDA hits, assets, IPs, etc.) and project audit logs here.


Configurations are a bit more aligned to content workflows. Aside from setting the language of the CMS and making your CMS prettier for you (THEMESSSS!) you can install and manage all the plugins you're working with.

Based on your users and roles, you can also modify permissions for each role here, as well as tweak your workflows. Draft to Published not good enough for you? Need to add in an Approval Needed stage? This is where those live.