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Intro to the Content Area

2m 35s

In this video we take our first look at the Content Area of DatoCMS - the main section where most of us would create, translate, modify, publish, and unpublish the content we're creating.

When starting a new project from scratch, this section doesn't exist, since we need a schema, or our content models, for us to fill up with content. So take a look at what it looks like in a relatively full-er project.

The sidebar is where you can navigate all the content types available to you based on your schema, such as blog posts, landing pages, authors, etc. These are completely customizable into folders as you need.

The content view or the content table itself is where you'd see all the records created within that model (example, all posts created for a blog).

You also get all the relevant information based on the fields of that model, such as the title, slug, description, content, etc., as well as some metadata, and can create custom filtered views for yourself (or your team) based on that information, for easier navigation within the CMS.

This is also where you can get a snapshot view of your content by their localizations, if you have localizations enabled in your project.

The Content Area is likely the section of the CMS you'd use the most, so we highly recommend playing around with all the options and getting familiar with it!