When to choose DatoCMS over Storyblok?

Our customers prefer DatoCMS for its convenient scalability, unrivaled developer experience, and clean editing interface.
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DatoCMS vs. Storyblok:
How we're different

DatoCMS is a great fit for tech teams seeking an affordable headless solution, that has also all the right tools to build an editor-friendly space.

Storyblok is an enterprise solution mixing visual editing and headless, which may fail to meet specialized needs of marketers and developers.

What our customers say

DatoCMS does exactly what I need it to do. It's super user-friendly, and it's easy to ask someone to use it. It's not an intimidating "enterprise-y" experience that people don’t even want to log into.
Jimmy Merritello
Staff Web Engineer @ Hatch
As someone who works both on writing the content, and creating new pages on our site, DatoCMS is making my life so much easier. The structure is very simple to use and it's adaptable enough to fit all our needs, with no unnecessary fluff!
Thibaut Davoult
Growth Engineer @ Livestorm
Working with DatoCMS was a strategic decision that has paid off tremendously. It's a win-win that provides our customers with a world-class editorial experience while giving our developers a powerful tool for innovation.
Michael Jaser

At a glance comparison

Who is it for

Built for tech teams that want all the advantages of headless, while still prioritizing a comfortable editor experience.

...vs Storyblok

Designed specifically for marketers who need to modernizing their tech stack, matching a headless architecture with visual editing.


Flexible pricing that respects your budget, without the pressure to upgrade to an Enterprise-level plans too soon.

...vs Storyblok

Steering towards more lucrative customers - the Enterprise tier is labeled as “Most popular” in their pricing page.

Developer experience

Native GraphQL API with extensive documentation and in-product API Playground, to ramp up and start deploying projects.

...vs Storyblok

GraphQL API is offered as a secondary option, with a less straightforward documentation and a basic API playground.

Asset Management

The Images API comes out-of-the-box with automatically optimized outputs and 150+ powerful transformation options.

...vs Storyblok

Simple Images API with 15 basic transformation options and limited automatic optimization with Webp detection.


Native video streaming that's easy on the wallet, with adaptive outputs for any device.

...vs Storyblok

You'll have to build video streaming from scratch, or wrangle by integrating a 3rd-party provider.

Content Modeling

Organize content your way with drag-and-drop sorting, tree-like collections, and handy single instance models.

...vs Storyblok

The flat content navigation structure can be frustrating, often complicating the process of finding and accessing content.


Use Blocks for repeatable page elements and develop a page building process where editors can rearrange elements as needed with a simple drag & drop.

...vs Storyblok

Use components to create and nest repeatable page elements without limits, fill them with content, and customize them as needed.

Editor Experience

Real-time side by side previews, so that editors can immediately see what their changes look like.

...vs Storyblok

The real-time visual editor delivers an intuitive editing environment, tailored to enhance productivity for marketing teams.


Clean and approachable editing interface, where every role can get involved and be productive from the very first day.

...vs Storyblok

While visual editing may enhance the design experience, it tends to compromise the usability of forms for actually working with your content.


Basic collaboration features, including workflows, presence indicators, and record locking.

...vs Storyblok

Well-designed collaboration capabilities, including commenting, built-in notification system, and fine-grained approval workflows.

Three reasons to consider DatoCMS
  1. Lightning-fast performance

    With a global CDN and optimized media delivery, your projects get an impressive boost in speed, plus improved SEO rankings and user engagement. It’s what your projects need to match the swift pace of today’s web.

  2. Delightful developer experience

    We’ve designed DatoCMS as a flexible platform to build precisely what you need. Our native GraphQL API and visual content modeling give you the freedom to build a content infrastructure that adapts to any scenario.

  3. A perfect blend of easy and powerful

    Our editing interface feels like a friendly wave from Wordpress, but with more power under the hood. Get creative with features like Blocks and Modular Content for a no-fuss, no-code page building experience that still packs a serious punch.