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Clean data is timeless data. Discover how DatoCMS enables you to achieve peace of mind by taking care of everything that can jeopardize the health and longevity of your content.

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Cover Image field validations
You won't be able to save or publish a record if this field is empty
Accept only specified file size
Specify a minimum and/or maximum allowed file size
No more than
Accept only specified extensions
You won't be able to save or publish a record if the file doesn't end with one the specified values
Image (JPG, PNG, GIF)
Accept only specified image dimensions
Specify a minimum and/or maximum width and height for images
At least
x px
Require alt and/or title
Specify which image metadata has to be present
Save settings

Clean content, at every stage with field validations

Each and every content type in modules and blocks can be restricted to allow only specific types of content. Be it a picture of a certain size, a data range, a color, a unique slug or a pre-built value, DatoCMS allows workflow creation that ensures mistakes cannot be made.

Test upcoming website updates, without breaking the live website

Using migration scripts, you can test changes in the structure of your content in a safe sandbox environment, and replay the same exact changes in production once you're ready to go live.

Learn more about Sandbox Environments
Current content schema
Primary environment
Your live website
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What Editors can do:

Can perform all actions on Articles

Can create new Products

Can publish existing Products

Cannot delete existing Products

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Specify who can do what, and when with custom permissions

Roles can be customized to have explicit rules to perform specific actions. These can be assigned to multiple users to create team permissions.

Specify exactly what each role can do and cannot do. Build your editorial workflow role by role, across projects, languages, environments, timezones and modules.

Ensure nothing gets published by mistake

With our Workflows feature you can set up a precise state machine to bring a draft content up to the final publication through a series of intermediate, fully customizable approval steps.

Define clear tasks for each team members, specifying exactly who is in charge of performing the necessary checks and operations on the content so that it can advance to the next step in the approval chain.

Learn more about Workflows
๐Ÿ“ Draft
๐Ÿ•ต๏ธ In review
๐Ÿšจ Changes requested
๐Ÿ‘Œ Approved
๐ŸŽ‰ Published
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DatoCMS does not only offer a powerful editor, but a full, coordinated suite of different tools to give you the best writing and development experience. Find out why we are famous for being the most user-friendly CMS:

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