Structured content CMS

The smart way to store rich–text content

Meet our all-encompassing solution designed with omnichannel in mind. DatoCMS structured content combines a powerful and flexible rich-text editor with a portable JSON format to store your content.

Notion-like Structured content CMS

A delightfully focused writing experience

DatoCMS Structured Content offers a beautiful, Notion-like editor designed for focus, with slash commands, markdown/keyboard shortcuts, and drag & drop. Forget the mouse, and just start typing.

Dato's team has come up with the most elegant solution I've seen for rich text and structured content with their Structured Text field. It combines both concepts into a single easy to use, yet powerful and flexible experience.
Dominic Blain
Developer @ Snipcart

What problems does Structured Content solve?

Customizable structured content CMS

Easily embed 100% custom blocks

Galleries, call-to-actions, polls, third-party embeds and widgets for YouTube, Twitter... these things have always been a problem to handle. Not with DatoCMS structured content: blocks are completely custom, can be moved around, edited and composed in any way you want, and creating them is a matter of seconds.

Linking structured content

Hyper-link and reference entities, not just URLs

When you need to deliver content not only through the web, but on an ever-growing number of different mediums ranging from native apps, voice assistants, e-books, IoT, etc... that's when being able to only create hyperlinks to fixed web addresses starts to get to you. What you need is clear separation between content and presentation.

A portable JSON format, ready for omnichannel

"schema": "dast",
"document": {
"type": "root",
"children": [
"type": "heading",
"level": 1,
"children": [
"type": "span",
"value": "Hello "
"type": "span",
"marks": [
"value": "world!"

omnichannel CMS

Highly structured and deeply typed

The Structured Text field saves content in a JSON format called dast to ensure control of the information and the ability to unambiguously parse and serialize the content to any medium, with clear separation from presentation concerns.

Learn about Structured Text format

Easily integrable by design

Structured Text format adheres to the Unified collective, which offers a big ecosystem of utilities to parse, transform, manipulate, convert and serialize content of any kind. This makes converting from/to Structured Content extremely easy.

Explore all the Structured Text utilities

The most user-friendly CMS

A complete set of smart, modern tools

DatoCMS does not only offer a powerful editor, but a full, coordinated suite of different tools to give you the best writing and development experience. Find out why we are famous for being the most user-friendly CMS: