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Intro to the Media (Assets) Field

5m 10s

Similar to the Text fields, you also have a few options when it comes to media fields - more specifically, the ability to set the field as a Single Asset field (i.e. accept one file), an Asset Gallery (accept multiple), or an External Video field (i.e. accept a URL to a video hosted on Facebook, Vimeo, or YouTube).

Asset Management in DatoCMS is powered by imgix and Mux, leading APIs that give DatoCMS users their powerful capabilities, optimizations, and global delivery.

Within the Asset field, you can give your editors certain restrictions on which filetypes/formats they can add into content, what specific sizes, dimensions, or aspect ratios they can add, and whether or not alt-texts and titles are required.

Note: While you can restrict these on the model level, we highly recommend checking out our docs to learn more about transformations and optimizations offered through our Images and Video APIs that would potentially make it more scalable to your workflow.