July Update

July Update: Content Link and Per-locale publishing

Posted on June 30th, 2023 by Matteo Papadopoulos

Recently, a magazine interviewed me to discuss DatoCMS, asking — among many other things — which steps would engage us in the months ahead? The answer was, "The era of visual editing is just beginning! The other major topic is the enhancement of multilingual digital content."

I’ve just discovered that my yet-unpublished interview is already outdated! The team here at DatoCMS has already pulled the rabbit out of the hat.

There's no need to talk about the future, let me show you the here–and–now!

👁️ Revolutionizing Content Editing: Our Content Link for Vercel and DatoCMS Enterprise Customers

We are excited to introduce an innovative feature for Vercel and DatoCMS Enterprise customers: Content Link. With Content Link, you now have the power to click on any content element within a Vercel preview deployment, and seamlessly navigate to the corresponding location in DatoCMS for effortless updates. All without making any change to your front-end code.

Content Link empowers teams to start from the context where content is presented, and quickly grasp its purpose and usage with a single click.

With Visual Editing enabled, you can efficiently navigate to specific content without needing to know its exact location within DatoCMS.

The feature is a game-changer for very-large-projects with many content editors involved who need to find records among hundreds of models and blocks.

Read the full announcement

🌎 Introducing Per-Locale Publishing: reach new audiences, faster!

With Locale-based Publishing, your team can now publish content for a single locale, independent of the status of other locales in your project. This empowers you to reach new audiences, shorten content creation timelines, and streamline your workflow like never before.

You can now unlock new possibilities and maximize efficiency thanks to locale-based publishing; i.e focus on one locale at a time, and allow your team to start and finish creating content on a specific locale, without the need to touch the other locales. Your editors can now publish content with ease just for specific locales, saving drafts for future iterations.

When combining the power of Per-locale Publishing with the ability to set granular permissions for your users down to the individual locale level, you can establish a secure workflow that gives each translator complete control over the content they are responsible for.


🔺 Updated Next.js integration: now App Router compatible

Our team has been hard at work to enhance your developer experience and provide seamless integration with the new Next.js App Router (introduced in Next 13, and marked as stable from v13.4).

We have revamped our integration documentation, upgraded our Blog starter to run on Next 13, and released a new Photography Website starter. Both serve as a starting point for your Next.js projects, with built-in compatibility for App Router. The latest version of our popular React integration toolkit has been optimized to work seamlessly with Server Components, and introduces a new helper specifically designed for the new Metadata API.

We are committed to continuously improving our tools and resources to make your development process smoother, more efficient, and enjoyable. These updates are designed to provide you with maximum flexibility, allowing you to leverage the benefits of App Router seamlessly within your Next.js applications.

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🧡 Inverse Relationships out of beta!

When I was working at an agency, developing websites with DatoCMS, one of the things I missed the most were the inverse relationships! Apparently, I was not the only one, as there were numerous requests from the community.

Great news for the developers: those days are over! As always, we have conducted a long period of testing — and we sincerely thank all those who provided us with extremely valuable feedback to improve, optimize, and finally release the feature ready for production!

With the Content Delivery API you can now manage the relationships between records. "Link fields" can define connections between records, like a blog post and its author. This connection can be traced directly (start from a blog post to find its author) or inversely (start from a person to find all their blog posts).

With the feature, additional benefits come:

  • Inverse relationship queries can find links inside blocks in a record.

  • Pagination is available to manage large sets of records.

  • You can filter records by specific fields or locales.

  • Records can be ordered by a specific field.

  • Deep filtering allows filtering based on one or more fields of a record

Read the documentation

🇩🇪🇨🇭 Project of the month: KKL Luzern

Made by &Why agency

KKL Luzern, Switzerland’s leading culture and congress center is renowned for it’s architectural masterpiece, outstanding acoustics and one-of-a-kind hospitality. Together with our agency partner &why, the KKL Luzern has completely transformed the digital experience of their B2B customers.

Using DatoCMS, &why elevated the KKL Luzern Business website and booking experience to match the high standards of the brand and physical venue.

The result? A new digital platform to guide customers from discovery to conversion with beautiful design, great performance and immersive activations. The new site offers a 3D tour and room finder of the world-famous concert hall, an intuitive venue booking system, a comprehensive overview of dining options and filterable venue models - all seamlessly maintained across locales within DatoCMS.

Explore the KKL Luzern

🙏 Improve Your CMS Experience and Earn Reward Credits!

Would you be interested in participating in a User Experience (UX) research project aimed at enhancing our Content Management System (CMS)? Your insights would greatly contribute to improving our platform.

Simply get in touch via email, and we'll get back to you with further details once the project is underway.

As a thank-you for your time and valuable input, we're offering reward credits that can be redeemed for our services. Thank you for being a valued member of our community. We look forward to hearing from you and embarking on this exciting UX research journey together!

👋 That's it for this month!

A shorter than usual update, but no less intense! We'd love to hear your thoughts on Content Link and how you see it in the near future. Let us know!