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KKL Luzern

The KKL Luzern, one of Switzerland's leading culture and congress centers, is an architectural masterpiece and known for outstanding acoustics. We partnered with the team behind KKL Luzern to elevate their digital experience to the same level, creating a digital benchmark.

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Project shots
Entry scene of the 3D experience with a view of the world-famous concert hall.
3D experience KKL Luzern
Venues and filters, all maintained within DatoCMS.
Showcase of a landing page, featuring exceptional dining options at KKL Luzern.
A step of the venue booking form.
Backend shots
A list of venue models
The data model of the filterable venue overview page
The data model of the multi-step request form.
About the project

About the project

The architecture masterpiece envisioned by Jean Nouvel provides a multi-faceted venue location and one of the best acoustic experiences worldwide. As part of a multi-year project, we relaunched KKL Luzerns business website and a 3D experience setting a benchmark in the market.

We aimed to solve many challenges, 3 core goals are:

  1. Creating Awareness and presence to experience KKL Luzern's unique location and concept.

  2. Configure and find the perfect venue setup among KKL Lucerne's numerous venue options.

  3. Digitize and streamline the venue booking process.


DatoCMS plays a key role in the project, facilitating data between the Next.js frontend and backend systems. Particularly, dato's flexible approach to content modelling allowed us to tackle these focus areas without additional tools.

DatoCMS powers:

  1. a free-flowing 3D model of the KKL Luzern, allowing event planners to experience this unique space.

  2. filterable venues and reference pages.

  3. a multi-step venue booking form, and seamless online booking flow.


To bring these ideas to life, we rely on Next.js, React, and Three.js

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