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Introducing Per-Locale Publishing: reach new audiences faster with DatoCMS

Posted on June 26th, 2023 by Stefano Verna

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature, Per-Locale Publishing, designed to simplify content creation and localization workflows for teams using multiple locales.

With Locale-based Publishing, your team can now publish content for a single locale, independent of the status of other locales in your project. This empowers you to reach new audiences, shorten content creation timelines, and streamline your workflow like never before.

Unlocking new possibilities with locale-based publishing

Imagine having a project with locales for English (United States), German (Germany), French (France), and Dutch (Netherlands).

Up until now, content creators often faced the challenge of having to create and publish content of a record for all locales simultaneously. This process could become time-consuming, cumbersome, and inefficient, especially when every locale is managed by a different team.

With Locale-based Publishing, you can now focus on one locale at a time, allowing your team to start and finish creating content on a specific locale, without the need to touch the other locales.

Work independently and maximize efficiency

In today's global landscape, it's common for multiple team members to create content for different locales simultaneously.

With Locale-based Publishing, your team can work independently of one another, ensuring that each member can build content that aligns with their individual timelines and priorities. This flexibility not only enhances efficiency but also promotes collaboration and empowers each team member to contribute their best work.

Publish localized content with ease

When a team member is ready to publish content for a specific locale, the process is now simpler than ever.

Whether you need to publish content for one locale or several, Locale-based Publishing offers a seamless and intuitive experience. By simply clicking the "Publish" button, a popup will appear, allowing you to select the desired locale(s) for publication:

The same concepts also apply to unpublishing a specific locale, or when scheduling a future publish/unpublish action:

Save drafts for future iterations

Sometimes, your team might have the capacity to work on multiple locales simultaneously but prefer to save certain content as drafts for future iterations.

Locale-based Publishing allows you to do just that. You can now save drafts without having to publish them to the final stage, giving you the freedom to work on multiple locales while maintaining complete control over when and how content is released.

Per-locale publishing + Translator role = complete control over your content

When combining the power of Per-locale Publishing with the ability to set granular permissions for your users down to the individual locale level, you can establish a secure workflow that gives each translator complete control over the content they are responsible for.

Every role can customize which locales can be edited

Translators can only edit and publish content specific to their assigned locales, ensuring a streamlined and efficient localization process. Each translator can focus solely on the content for their designated locale, without the risk of inadvertently modifying or publishing content for other locales.

This enhanced level of control not only improves security but also promotes collaboration and accountability within your team. Each translator can contribute their expertise to the content creation process while maintaining a clear understanding of their responsibilities and deliverables. This level of granularity in permissions empowers your team to work seamlessly, eliminating any confusion or overlap in content management.

Say goodbye to worries about unintended modifications or accidental publishing, and embrace a streamlined localization process that maximizes productivity and promotes collaboration.


We are excited to announce that, as of today, per-locale publishing is now available for all DatoCMS projects.

At DatoCMS, we are committed to empowering teams to create, manage, and publish content efficiently and effectively. With the introduction of Per-Locale Publishing, we're taking content localization to new heights, enabling you to reach new audiences, adapt to changes in taste or capacity, and maximize your team's productivity.

Ready to take your content creation and localization workflows to the next level? Try out Locale-based Publishing in DatoCMS today and unlock the power of reaching new audiences faster than ever before.