September update

September Update: what comes out of the top hat?

Posted on September 21st, 2023 by Matteo Papadopoulos

👋 Ciao!

Our first shape-up cycle is almost over, and  I'm going to spoil a few things you might like! Sneaky–peeks ftw! 👀

First off, our new Product Marketer has officially started his journey with us! Welcome aboard Alessio!

He brings with him a wealth of experience in the SaaS world. His sights are set on understanding our valued DatoCMS customers and making sure we go the extra mile to fulfill and surpass your needs. He's already immersed in reviewing feedback from our recent customer survey, and use your insights to help the team build a better product.

On that note, we want to give a heartfelt thanks to all who participated in the survey. Your contributions are playing a crucial role in helping Alessio and the rest of our team shape the future of DatoCMS. Namaste 🙏

🎩 What comes out of the top hat?

Many of you have asked for Deep Filtering in our Content Delivery API, that is, the ability to filter records based on the content within their blocks. Well, the wait is over! Deep filtering will soon be available on both Modular Content and Structured Text fields:

Second: the UX research conducted before the summer is about to materialize through a complete redesign of the navigation UI. We know how it goes: some will say "🤩 wow," others "😕 meh", and that's okay! We're confident that most will be happy not to have to navigate through "settings" within "settings" that contain more "settings"! New UI for managing environments, clearer and more complete icons, new navigation toolbar and more.

Third: we're putting the finishing touches on the most extensive and complete Starter Project we've ever released, made with Next.JS+Tailwind frontend!

  • A complete marketing+blog+docs site, with the ability to freely compose pages reusing a number different sections

  • All the potential of DatoCMS including i18n, plugins, validations, live preview, blocks, Structured Text and much more.

  • Get it live on Vercel/Netlify in two minutes, or use it solely on DatoCMS without third parties involved.

If you love it half as much as I do, you’ll already be very happy. 🧡

𝌰 Upcoming Shift to Base64-Encoded UUIDs for New Entities in DatoCMS

Starting October 15th, we will change how IDs are generated for new entities in project environments. Instead of numeric IDs, they'll use base64-encoded UUIDs. This change aims to enhance security and allow for future API improvements.

Existing IDs will remain unchanged, and the update don’t impact existing integrations.

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🏆 TYPO72TYPO – Project of the month

A project by Luke Tongue 🇬🇧

This time, our focus is on a project that makes simplicity its strength, with an incredibly creative style that immediately caught our eye: t72t! And this explosion of colors is completely controlled by the editors in DatoCMS! 🌈


Snipcart allowed us to create an e-commerce process that involved little or no interaction once setup. The AstroJS framework was used due to its seamless integration with DatoCMS and blazing fast site performance.

Visit the showcased project

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🌟 Partners

A warm welcome to our latest partner agenciesPlato Creative, Sentrium S.L.

I always keep the occasion to remind our long-time partner agencies that these features aren't automatically included but need to be enabled on their account. So, reach out to me, and I'll guide you through the transition. I believe it's worth it.

If you are using these features, please share your thoughts—let us know what we can improve or what has been helpful!

That's it for this month! 

In the next update, we'll see these things in action, along with giving new spoilers about the next development cycle!

In the meantime, if you're up for it, suggest your ideas, or vote for the features you'd like to see on your CMS. Our Community (and not the VCs!) is definitely a key source for deciding the next steps of our journey.