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Partners dashboard

Once you become part of our Agency Partner Program, a number of new features become available in your organization dashboard. Let's see them in detail.

Automatic access to your clients' projects

Once you add a new client to your agency organization, your staff members will have complete access to the client's projects. This eliminates the need to individually invite each staff member to the client's organization or occupy additional collaborator seats.

In the Projects section of your dashboard, you can easily distinguish your client's projects from the ones you own, as they're marked with the name of the client organization:

Enabling special plans to clients

Once you set up an agency mandate with a client, you can also unlock exclusive pricing opportunities for them:

  • If they purchase one of the public DatoCMS plans, a special discount gets automatically applied during the checkout process, without having to insert any referral code. Be aware that the discount applies only to the regular plan price, and not on monthly overages (extra collaborators, API calls, traffic, etc.);

  • You can also enable special plans on their organization. These plans are only available if you are enrolled in the Agency Partner Program.

In the Clients section of your dashboard, you can monitor the current plan active on all your client's organizations, and activate special plans.

Once activated, special plans are immediately available for purchase on the client's end:

Developer and Projects Manager roles

In addition to the regular Owner and Viewer roles available to every organization, two new roles can be applied to the members of your organization:

As the name suggests, Developer can be an useful role for developers/content creators of your staff, so that you don't have to use collaborators seats on every project for them. They can enter all the projects available in the organization — either owned by your org, or by one of your clients connected with a mandate — with full privilege, but cannot perform any action inside the organization itself (ie. they cannot create new projects, delete existing ones, manage members, etc.)

Projects managers have the same priviledges of Developers, but have also complete control over the projects owned by the organization. They can create new projects, manage settings of existing projects, and even delete them.

The table below summarizes the available authorizations for each role:

PermissionOwner Projects Manager Developer Viewer
Read-only access to everything
Enter all projects with full proviledges (client's projects included)
Create/edit/delete projects
Transfer projects
Manage members/roles
Manage plan and billing
Any other action