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    Agency mandates

    As a DatoCMS Agency Partner, you can connect your organization with those of your clients by sending them an "agency mandate" request.

    Agency mandates unlock special plans and discounts on your client's organization, and allows your staff to enter all your client's projects with full privileges, without using any additional collaborator seat!

    Requesting an agency mandate

    Once your agency is part of our program, a new Clients section will be available from your organization's dashboard. From there, you can send a mandate request to your client's organization:

    To send a mandate request, you need to know the ID of the organization of the client. They can find it in the Settings section of their dashboard:

    Mandate requests can only be sent to organizations

    If the client is managing projects from a personal account, they need to convert it into an organization. It only takes a couple of clicks.

    Accepting a mandate request

    As soon as you request an agency mandate, the owners of your client's organization will receive an email, notifying them of the event. They can accept the request by following the link in the email, or simply visiting the Settings section of their organization:

    You will be immediately notified by e-mail of the acceptance or decline of the request.

    In case the mandate is accepted:

    • From the Projects section, you will be able to see your clients projects, and enter them with full privileges;

    • From the Clients section, you will be able to see the current plan active in the client's organization, and enable special discounts and plans on their end:

    Simplify the process by creating the client organization yourself!

    The client does not yet have an organization? You can simplify the mandate request/approval process by creating an organization for them! This way you can find the organization ID yourself, create a mandate request, switch to the client organization, and accept it, without too much back-and-forth between you and your client.

    When you finish the procedure, you can invite the client as a member of the new organization — making sure to give them the Owner role. Once the client accepts the invite, you can safely leave their organization.

    Revoking the mandate

    At any time both parties — your agency or the client — can revoke the agency mandate. If this happens, the agency will no longer be able to access the client's projects, and any special discount/plan enabled on the client organization by the agency will no longer be available.