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General overview

The DatoCMS Partner Program is designed to offer your agency the support it needs to expand your business, while using a headless CMS that works best for your customers.

Enrollment requirements

To be a part of the program, is necessary to comply with a few requirements. You can learn more in the Enrollment section of this guide.


Enrolling in the program gives your agency access to exclusive advantages and benefits:

  • Special plans and discounts, both for you and your clients: have access to customized plans, designed specifically for the needs of agencies, with the ability to make them also available to your clients' accounts;

  • Automatic access to your clients' projects: assign your staff members a special "developer" role, allowing them to have full access to all your — and your clients' — projects, even when they reside on separate accounts;

  • Dedicated partner account manager: gain access to constant support from our Partner Team to tackle any questions you (or your customers) might have;

  • Co-marketing opportunities: our marketing relies on real success stories — and we know that our Partners will provide some great ones. We’ll promote your projects, create case studies and articles, and feature your logo on our website;

  • DatoCMS partner listing: we’ll get you in front of new potential clients by featuring your agency and your projects as part of our Partners page. Teams in need of development resources go there to find the right level of support for their projects.

You can explore the effect these benefits have on your DatoCMS dashboard in the Partners dashboard section of this guide.

Connecting your agency to your clients' accounts

Many of the benefits that you will be able to pass on to your customers once you're part of the program come through the concept of agency mandates, which will be covered in the next section of this guide.