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    Enrollment requirements

    After joining the partner program, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements in order to remain a member.

    Compliance deadline is 3 months away from enrollment!

    As a rule of thumb, requirements must be met within 3 months of joining the partner program. Periodic emails will be sent to the owners of your organisation to remind you to meet the requirements in time.

    Exceptions to this deadline may be allowed in special cases. Consult our Partners Team at least one week before the final deadline if you need an extension!

    Let's see what those requirements are in detail.

    1. An organization is needed

    To be a part of the program, you cannot use a personal DatoCMS account to manage your projects, but a proper organization.

    Organizations are a much better fit for an agency with multiple staff members in any case, even if they don't want to get in the program. If you're managing projects from a personal account, you can convert it into an organization in just a couple of clicks.

    2. A paid DatoCMS plan must be active

    On your agency organization, you can choose either to activate one of the public plans, or one of the special plans available to agencies.

    If it is normally not your agency that pays for DatoCMS, but your customers, then at least one of the clients for which you have a mandate must be on a paid plan. Again, they can either choose a discounted public plan, or one of the special plans you can enable on their organization.

    3. Your agency profile must be published

    Once you are selected as eligible, go to your organization's dashboard and click on "Agency profile" to create your agency's entry on DatoCMS website. Fill in all the details about your agency, and, when you are ready, change the workflow stage from Edit to Request Review from DatoCMS. After our team approval, your agency page will be published on DatoCMS's website! (example)

    4. At least one case study must be presented

    We require our partners to prepare a showcase of one representative project they made using DatoCMS (example).

    Once approved by our team, it will be then published on our marketing website.

    The more, the marrier 😉

    Needless to say, many of our partners choose to publish more than one case study, to better present their work and expertise to visitors to our site. We suggest you to do so too, but at least one case study is necessary.

    Throughout your stay in the partner program, you can keep your profile up-to-date, and edit or add new case studies at any time. In fact, you are strongly advised to do so! Any changes you make to the content post-publication, will require an explicit approval step by our team, so that we can verify the appropriateness of the changes made.

    Learn how to manage your agency profile and showcase your projects.

    What happens if I exit the program?

    If you request us to exit the Agency Partner Program, or due to non-compliance with the minimum requirements for membership, the following effects will occur:

    • Any active agency mandate will be revoked;

    • You will no longer be able to access your clients' projects from your organization;

    • It will no longer be possible for your organization, or those of your clients, to access the Partner Program's special discounts and plans;

    • The Developer and Projects Manager roles will no longer be available in your organization. If any members were using them, they will be assigned to the Viewer role;

    • Your agency profile and any published case study present in our marketing website will be removed.