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    Import from WordPress

    In this guide we'll go through the import of content present in a WordPress site to a DatoCMS project.


    Install the DatoCMS CLI:

    npm install -g @datocms/cli@latest

    And subsequently install the WordPress importer plugin:

    $ datocms plugins:install @datocms/cli-plugin-wordpress

    What you will need

    To copy your WordPress content to DatoCMS, you will need the following information:

    1. Your WordPress user name and password with admin privileges

    2. Your WordPress site URL

    3. Your DatoCMS full-access API token: create a new project, and then head to Settings > API tokens:

    Run the import

    To import the posts and pages of your WordPress project into DatoCMS, run the following in the console:

    $ datocms wordpress:import \
    --ignore-errors \
    --wp-url <YOUR_WP_PROJECT_URL> \
    --wp-username <YOUR_WP_USERNAME> \
    --wp-password <YOUR_WP_PASSWORD> \
    --api-token <YOUR_DATOCMS_API_TOKEN>

    That's it! The importer will create the standard Wordpress models: articles, pages, authors, categories and tags. All the Wordpress media files will be uploaded to your DatoCMS project in the media gallery as well. Hurray!

    Known limitations

    • Our importer only copies pages and posts: custom post types won't be imported;

    • There are many different plugins to manage localizations in WordPress-land. For now, if you have a multi-lingual website, we’ll currently only import the content created for the main language.

    • Same thing goes for SEO, sliders and other web elements managed by plugins. They won’t be imported.