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    Record ordering

    The record collections can be ordered in different ways:

    • by default by the last updated first

    • by one specified field, in ascending or descending order

    • in a tree-like structure

    • by drag and drop reording

    The default ordering should be quite self-explanatory.

    Same goes for the specified field, you can pick the field and the ordering direction in the model settings:

    The tree-like structure instead has its own documentation page where you can see it in action.

    Last but not least we have the drag and drop reordering. In this case, once you pick the appropriate choice from the usual dropdown, you have now the option of dragging and dropping the records in the collection list.

    In case you need to move a record across pages you can enter in the record and change the position attribute in the right sidebar:


    One thing to notice in the drag and drop reordering and in the tree-like structure reordering is that as soon as you change the position of a record, it's updated in the API, also for published records. It means that you cannot have the draft/published state for the position attribute.