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    SEO and favicon

    While you can fetch the content of a SEO field just like any other field, the GraphQL API exposes on every record a much simpler _seoMetaTags field that you can use to easily get HTML SEO meta tags based on the SEO information present in the record itself:

    Meta tags are generated merging the values present in the record's SEO meta tags field together with the Global SEO settings you can configure under Content > Settings:

    If the record doesn't have a SEO meta tags field, the method tries to guess reasonable values by inspecting the other fields of the record (single-line strings and images).

    Your page title will be composed concatenating the title of the record together with the Title suffix setting. If the total length of the title exceeds 60 characters, the suffix will be omitted.

    Favicon meta tags

    In a similar manner, you can get the meta tags needed to properly show the site's favicon with the _faviconMetaTags attribute contained inside the _site field:

    iOS and MS app icons

    If you're building an app, you can request additional meta tags with the variants argument:

    Want to know more about SEO customization in DatoCMS? Check out this video tutorial: