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DatoCMS Site Search is a way to deliver tailored search results to your website visitors. You can think of it as a replacement for the now discontinued Google Site Search.

There are many third-party services out there that fill this need (like SwiftType, Algolia, and Cludo). Our solution seeks to be a great option for plenty of websites:

  • Extremely easy to integrate with your static website

  • Completely customizable in terms of look & feel

  • Minimal configuration needed

  • Handles multilingual websites nicely

  • included in the price of DatoCMS with no additional charges

How it works

  • Every time your website finishes being deployed, we'll crawl it to fetch updated content.

  • From your frontend, you can make AJAX requests to our Content Management API to present relevant results to your visitors. We also provide React and Vue search widgets that simplify the process.

Pro tip: Integrating Algolia and DatoCMS

If you prefer to integrate a search provider like Algolia, this guide demonstrates setting up a Next.js project, configuring Algolia, and creating custom search components. While the guide focuses on Algolia Intellisearch, the process for setting up other third-party services like Meilisearch, Typesense, or ElasticSearch should be relatively similar.

Enabling Site Search for a project

To get started, please see Configuring DatoCMS Site Search.