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Exclude content from indexing

To give your users the best experience, it's often useful to instruct DatoCMS to exclude certain parts of your pages from indexing, for example website headers and footers. Those sections are repeated in every page, thus can only degrade your search results.

To do that, you can simply add a data-datocms-noindex attribute to the HTML elements of your page you want to exclude: everything cointained in those elements will be ignored during indexing.

<div class="header" data-datocms-noindex>
<div class="main-content">
<div class="footer" data-datocms-noindex>

The scraper bot will follow the rules of your site's robots.txt file, so if you want to completely ignore a set of pages, you can target the DatoCmsSearchBot agent:

User-Agent: DatoCmsSearchBot
Disallow: /useless-stuff/
User-agent: *