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    Audit Logs

    The Audit Logs functionality is for monitoring the audit events happening in an Enterprise project to ensure continued compliance, to safeguard against any inappropriate system access, and to allow you to audit suspicious behavior within your enterprise.

    The idea is to give Enterprise organization owners the ability to query user actions in a project. With Audit Logs, you can:

    • Automatically feed DatoCMS access data into a SIEM or other auditing tool

    • Proactively monitor for potential security issues

    • Write custom apps to gain insight into how your organization uses DatoCMS

    An audit log provides insight into audit events that are actually happening across a DatoCMS project, and is therefore read only and immutable.

    You can filter for specific actions or actors to see who made changes on specific resources in the app using a very powerful SQL-like language. Actors can include both logged-in users as well as access tokens.

    You can either browse and filter audit log events via interface or API calls, and the retention window is fully customizable. By default, Audit Logs have a Time-to-Live (TTL) of 2 months from the date of writing. However, it is possible to customize the TTL for individual projects. To make such customizations, please contact our support team, and we will be happy to assist you.

    If you're interested in activating Audit Logs in your projects, contact our Sales team to set up a 30 days free trial.