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Project usages

On DatoCMS, usage quotas are tracked per account or per project. Let's see what they are, the differences between them, and where you can monitor them.

Per-account resources

Each account has quotas that are shared among all projects. In particular, the shared resources are:

  • Records

  • File storage

  • API calls

  • Bandwidth

  • Video encoding

  • Video streaming

These resources can be monitored from your dashboard, in the plan details, where you can monitor how your resources are used across different projects, so you can better understand which ones you should optimize, or which of your clients should be billed more for their usage.

Per-site resources

In each project you can drill down into the traffic, API calls and video streamed:

And you can change the reports, using this dropdown:

This helps you better understand where the traffic is coming from and how to best optimize the use of resources in your project.