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How overages are managed

Plans include the following monthly usage limits:

API calls

The number of requests made to both our Content Management and Content Delivery APIs.

  • Developer plan: 100,000 calls

  • Professional plan: 1,000,000 calls


The amount of asset data transferred between our Asset CDN and GraphQL Content Delivery API and content consumers.

  • Developer plan: 10GB

  • Professional plan: 1TB

Video streaming

The amount of streaming time produced by videos that are part of your project.

  • Developer plan: 2 hours

  • Professional plan: 150 hours

Video encoding

The cumulative running time of the videos you have uploaded inside the Media area of DatoCMS.

  • Developer plan: 30 minutes

  • Professional plan: 180 minutes

Monitoring data usage in Dashboard

If you have multiple projects, or you want to check data usage without entering a specific project, you can do so from our Dashboard.

Overage status

Located in the "Plan and Billing" page, this panel serves as a health indicator for your data consumption, covering bandwidth (traffic) usage, API calls, and video streaming.

Here's what the different status colors mean:

  • 🟢 So far, so good: You are within your plan's limits.

  • 🟡 Your attention is needed: You are approaching your plan's limits and may face overage charges if exceeded.

  • 🔴 Limits exceeded: You have surpassed your plan's limits, and additional usage will be billed.

If your plan is in a "yellow" or "red" state, we'll also give you a heads up by showing a notification badge next to the Plan and Billing link in the navigation.

For a detailed view, simply click on the "Overage Status" panel. This action will redirect you to the Data Usage page.

Data usage

This page provides detailed charts displaying your usage trends over time.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Usage Segmentation: View data by resource type, either aggregated or by individual project.

  • Time Comparison: Compare current usage with the previous month.

  • Historical Data: Access your data history to review long-term trends.

  • Forecasting: Get predictions of end-of-month usage to proactively manage your resources and prevent overages.

If you have the appropriate permissions, you'll find direct links to the Project Usage Page for a granular look at each project's consumption.

Monitoring project usage

It is possible to check the day-by-day consumption of a project from the "Project usages" section that is part of the "Project settings" area. This section presents various graphs and detailed tables for the current and previous month.

Exceeding your plan's limits

When you reach a usage limit on a free plan project, the service will be temporarily disabled until the beginning of the following calendar month.

For projects that are part of a paid plan, exceeding the limits does not lead to an interruption of service, but will result in an additional fee commensurate with the excess use.

The current overage rates are as follows:

  • API calls: €9 per additional 250k operations

  • Bandwidth: €29 per additional 150GB

  • Video streaming: €9 every 150 hours of extra video streaming time

  • Video encoding: €9 per additional 180 minutes of extra uploaded videos

The amount will be charged to the credit card associated with the billing profile on the next monthly/yearly invoice.

Changing your plan increases or decreases the monthly limits of DatoCMS in real-time.

4K Video Streaming

If you upload a video with a resolution that exceeds 1080p. and have the "4K Video Streaming" feature enabled on your plan, the video player will be able to serve higher resolution streaming for your viewers (up to 4K/2160p).

Seconds of videos delivered in a resolution higher than 1080p will be charged with a 3x multiplier on DatoCMS due to the higher costs that Mux applies in this case. That is, if a visitor streams 30 seconds of a video in 4K, DatoCMS will count the view as 30s x 3 = 90s.

The video player selects the best video resolution based both on the density of the screen and the actual size of the player in the page, so you will only pay for the actual streaming time that occurred at resolutions over 1080p. In other words, displaying higher resolution videos on a small-sized player won't lead to extra streaming costs.

To cut down on your delivery expenses, you can stop providing streaming for a video above a certain resolution by using a max_resolution query parameter to the regular Playback URL. This modifies the resolution options available for the player to select from:{PLAYBACK_ID}.m3u8?max_resolution=1080p

The max_resolution parameter can be set to 720p, 1080p, 1440p, or 2160p.

4K Video Streaming is available for Enterprise plans

As of today, 4K video streaming is only available upon request on Enterprise plans. Therefore, for the vast majority of customers, we will not apply multiplier will ever be applied to the seconds of video streaming delivered.