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    Overcharges on API and bandwidth

    Plans include the following monthly usage limits:

    API calls
    • Developer plan: 100,000

    • Professional plan: 1,000,000

    • Developer plan: 10GB

    • Professional plan: 1TB

    These are our definitions of the two metrics examined:

    • API Calls: The number of requests made to both our Content Management and Content Delivery APIs.

    • Bandwidth: Amount of asset data transferred between our Asset CDN and GraphQL Content Delivery API and content consumers.

    DatoCMS measures API calls and bandwidth usage in real time, and it is possible to check the day-by-day consumption from the project dashboard.

    When they reach a usage limit on a free plan project, service will be temporarily disabled until the beginning of the following calendar month, unless you provide a credit card.

    For projects inside a paid plan, exceeding the limits does not lead to the interruption of the service, but the payment of an additional fee commensurate with the use.

    The current overage rates are as follows:

    • API calls: €9 per additional 250k operations

    • Bandwidth: €29 per additional 150GB bandwidth

    The amount will be charged to the credit card associated with the billing profile on the next monthly/yearly invoice.

    Changing plan increases and decreases the monthly limits of DatoCMS in real-time.