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All projects on DatoCMS start from the free plan and can be upgraded to a paid plan directly from the Account dashboard.

The differences between the various plans, including the features and all the available resources, are listed in detail on the pricing page.

The limits, features, and resources of paid plans may change in the future, but you will remain on the one you choose unless you decide to switch to a newer plan yourself. Free plan usage limits and resources may change unilaterally instead.

Changing plans

Plan changes can be performed at any time, and take effect immediately.

We prorate the price when you change plans, so you are only billed for the cost of the new plan less the remaining unused amount from your current plan.

In case of a downgrade, prorated credits will be created, with a part used to pay the new invoice, and the remaining credit balance will be available for future use.

All plans have access to the bulk of DatoCMS features, with the Enterprise plan having additional features, dedicated to very large teams and high volumes of work. For an extensive overview of the most appreciated DatoCMS features, check out this video tutorial:

A gentle overview of all the features of DatoCMS
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