Community tutorials
    Community tutorials
    Import a Wordpress site into DatoCMS

    If you have some projects that are currently using Wordpress you can now import them to DatoCMS in a pretty simple way!

    Import an existing Contentful project

    We released a Node.js-based CLI tool that copies all content from a Contentful space to a DatoCMS site!

    Create a plugin on DatoCMS: a step-by-step tutorial

    Building DatoCMS plugins is easy, here's a complete walk-through of how you can unleash your creativity with some coding.

    Creating a static e-commerce website with Snipcart, GatsbyJS and DatoCMS

    See how easy it is to set up Snipcart on a Gatsby website, with editorial content coming from DatoCMS.

    Static Portfolio with Gatsby and DatoCMS

    This mini-guide will get you started with Gatsby and DatoCMS in minutes.

    Custom Live Preview for Gatsby Sites with Heroku

    How to deploy a GatsbyJS preview server to Heroku for immediate visual feedback for editors using a headless CMS.

    Nuxt.js + DatoCMS Tutorial

    This great screencast will help you setup a Nuxt.js in less than 20 minutes!

    How to make the most out of DatoCMS roles

    This tutorial goes through a real-world example where setting proper permissions is vital for the project itself.

    DatoCMS with Middleman: A beginner's guide

    A detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to get started with DatoCMS and Middleman.

    Quickly develop static websites with VueJS, NuxtJS and GraphQL

    A tutorial on how to integrate DatoCMS with VueJS and NuxtJS. With an example on how to query data via GraphQL and host the result on Netlify.

    Why we choose React, Gatsby and Headless CMS’s for building new websites

    A really nice article on using Gatby.js together with DatoCMS.