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    Audit log event

    If the Audit log functionality is enabled in a project, logged events can be queried using SQL-like language and fetched in full detail so that they can be exported or analyzed.

    Object payload

    id  string
    ULID of event (
    type  string
    Must be exactly "audit_log_event"
    action_name  string  Example: "items.publish"

    The actual action performed

    actor  object  Example: {"type":"user","id":"3845289","name":""}

    The actor who performed the action

    role  null, object  Example: {"id":"455281","name":"Editor"}

    The role of the actor at the time the action was performed

    environment  object  Example: {"id":"main","primary":true}

    The environment inside of which the action was performed

    request  object  Example: {"id":"894f9f6c-a693-4f93-a3fb-452454b41313","method":"PUT","path":"/items/37823421/publish","payload":{}}

    The actual request being performed

    response  null, object  Example: {"status":200,"payload":{}}

    The actual response being returned by DatoCMS

    meta.occurred_at  date-time  Example: "2016-09-20T18:50:24.914Z"

    The date of the event

    Available endpoints