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    Fields can be organized and grouped into fieldset to better present them to editors.

    Object payload

    id  string
    RFC 4122 UUID of fieldset expressed in URL-safe base64 format
    type  string
    Must be exactly "fieldset"
    title  string  Example: "SEO-related fields"

    The title of the fieldset

    hint  string, null  Example: "Please fill in these fields!"

    Description/contextual hint for the fieldset

    position  integer  Example: 1

    Ordering index

    collapsible  boolean  Example: true

    Whether the fieldset can be collapsed or not

    start_collapsed  boolean

    When fieldset is collapsible, determines if the default is to start collapsed or not

    item_type{ type: "item_type", id: }

    Fieldset item type

    Available endpoints