Using the NodeJS client

    Our NodeJS datocms-client package makes it easy to programmatically read/create/edit/destroy any kind of resource a DatoCMS project might contain.

    Install the datocms-client package in your application:

    $ npm install --save-dev datocms-client

    Or, if you're using Yarn as package manager:

    $ yarn add datocms-client

    Warning: due to historical reasons and backward compatibility, the API exposes some different naming compared to the rest of the product: Models are called Item Types, while Records are called Items. Keep that in mind!

    Initialize the client

    The first step is to require the DatoCMS package, and initialize the client with the read-write API token you can find under the Admin area > API tokens section:

    const { SiteClient } = require('datocms-client');
    const client = new SiteClient('YOUR_API_READWRITE_TOKEN');

    If you need to work inside a sandbox environment, you can pass its name as second argument:

    const client = new SiteClient(
    { environment: 'my-sandbox' },

    Further documentation

    Our API reference has JS examples for each of the available endpoints. Here's a list of the ones you'll probably find using more often: