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    Build trigger

    Configuration for different build triggers. You can have different staging and production environments in order to test your site before final deploy

    Object payload

    id  string
    ID of build_trigger
    type  string
    Must be exactly "build_trigger"
    name  string

    Name of the environment

    adapter  string

    The deploy adapter

    adapter_settings  object

    Additional configuration for deploy

    last_build_completed_at  date-time, null

    Timestamp of the last deploy

    build_status  string

    Status of last deploy

    webhook_url  string

    Notification webhook URL

    indexing_status  string

    Status of site scraper

    frontend_url  string, null

    Public url of the site

    indexing_enabled  boolean

    Enable scraper on the site

    autotrigger_on_scheduled_publications  boolean

    Deploy on scheduled publication

    webhook_token  string

    Unique token of the webhook

    Available endpoints